Vacation Cash Terms and Conditions

Vacation cash ("Vacation Cash") can be used only by RCI® subscribing members ("RCI members") who have received Vacation Cash, as part of a special offer/incentive at the time of purchase of a RCI Travel Hotel Savings Package. Vacation Cash is issued and administered by International Cruise and Excursion Gallery, Inc. d/b/a RCI Travel and d.b.a. Our Vacation Center ("OVC"). Vacation Cash is accepted by OVC only and RCI members can use Vacation Cash toward the partial payment of new hotel bookings/reservations with the redemption of an RCI Travel Hotel Savings Package certificate ("Certificate"), or toward an upgrade to the RCI Travel Hotel Savings Package Bonus Offer including an upgrade for a cruise, a hotel stay or a resort stay, unless a specific offer, rebate, or reward by a third-party provider states otherwise. Vacation Cash is not transferrable. Vacation Cash is not legal tender, has no cash value, and cannot be redeemed for cash, or other currency. Vacation Cash may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or loyalty currency. Other restrictions may apply. Vacation Cash cannot be used to purchase travel insurance or car rentals. Vacation Cash cannot be applied to other RCI products or vacations. Vacation Cash expires if not used within thirty (30) days of its issuance, unless stated otherwise.

If cancellation of a hotel reservation booked using Vacation Cash occurs, and a cancellation penalty is applied, Vacation Cash will be the last funds applied against said penalty. If any portion of Vacation Cash remains after the cancellation penalty it will then be refunded directly into the RCI Travel Hotel Savings Package. If for any reason Vacation Cash is applied to a new booking after booking has been made with the third-party accommodations provider, and a cancellation of the booking becomes necessary, Vacation Cash will be refunded to the RCI Travel Hotel Savings Package account only after all applicable third-party vacation providers have been paid. To redeem your Certificate and apply Vacation Cash call 1-855-480-7670.

Vacation Cash is not redeemable or refundable upon the cancellation of a vacation for cash.

All of the cruise, descriptions and amenity information included on have been provided by each cruise line and RCI, LLC (RCI) and International Cruise & Excursion Gallery, Inc. (ICE) have no liability for any such information. RCI and ICE provide information relating to cruise descriptions and amenity information for your convenience only.

All of the resort vacation descriptions and amenity information included on have been provided by each of the resorts. This information is made available to RCI Subscribing Members as an added service for your convenience only. RCI and ICE cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. The resorts are responsible for updates and changes to the information provided. General questions about this information should be directed to the resort. RCI and ICE have no liability for any of the information provided including but not limited to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, or misleading information concerning any resort.

RCI and ICE do not endorse any of resort activities, guides, vendors, or service providers described. It is the individual's responsibility to investigate the safety and suitability of any activity and credentials and fitness of any guide, vendor, or service provider. RCI and ICE expressly deny any liability for engaging in any activity and for using any guide, vendor or service provider that may be mentioned or described in this web site. Additional fees and restrictions may apply to any activity or service.

RCI and related marks are registered trademarks and/or service marks in the United States and internationally used by International Cruise & Excursion Gallery Inc. under license. All rights reserved.

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